Cold: Open// 


Natasha woke up very early that day, something unusual for her. With her shop, and what she got from the bets, there was nothing much that she had to worry about, or that kept her awake that early. Although, for a strange reason she felt like going to pay  a somewhat social visit, for pure pleasure. And even more strange, that visit was not for Thomas.

Tash, as always, tried her best to look good. She never knew when her appearance could bring her benefits, especially from people like Cross, whom as far as she knew could do pretty much everything she wanted him to, as long as she was specific. Exactly the kind of people that Tash tried to keep on her good side. With a eternal almost genuine smile on her face, Tash knocked at the man’s door, hopping that he was already awake. If it was not that early, she was not going to be able to visit him again, at least not in a while. And it was not a chance she was willing to waste just like that.


“Hello sir, it has been a while” She replied at the man who opened the door, smiling even more at the sight.

"Tash," he took a moment to remind himself it was not ‘Natasha’. "Can’t say I was expecting you." Cross pocketed his gun. "Would have dressed up," he teased referring to his shirtless state. He noted that she seemed to be alone, or at least not in pursuit. She would have hinted that she needed help immediately (and even then she usually is able to handle herself). 

Not quite stepping back, he looked down at her and asked as he clapped his hands together, “What can I do for you?”